Gamelan at Acadia University

Since the fall of 2008, Acadia University's School of Music has been home to a beautiful set of gamelan degung instruments under the direction of Ken Shorley. Gamelan offerings at Acadia include a performing ensemble and an intro class for music majors, as well as the opportunity to attend concerts. For more information about gamelan at Acadia, email Ken Shorley.


Acadia Gamelan Ensemble with guest artist Ade Suparman in 2013


Intro to Gamelan class (MUSI 2383)

Acadia music students (2nd year and above) now have the opportunity to study Indonesian gamelan. The Intro to Gamelan class is a hands-on introduction to the playing techniques and repertoire of gamelan - the traditional tuned percussion orchestra of Indonesia. The course is presented in weekly “laboratory” sessions, which are supplemented by the independent study of readings and audio-visual material. The gamelan class will also participate in a year-end performance demonstration.

Acadia Gamelan Ensemble (MUSI 2800)

Upon successful completion of the Intro to Gamelan class, students are eligible to audition for the Acadia Gamelan Ensemble. The Ensemble provides an opportunity to further explore and refine knowledge and playing skills in a performance-centred setting. Prerequisites: MUSI 2383.



Both the Intro class and the Ensemble perform several times each school year, usually at the end of first term and again at the end of second term. Repertoire performed at these concerts includes a range of traditional material as well as more contemporary "degung instrumental" and "pop Sunda" styles. For more information about upcoming concerts, visit the Events section of the School of Music website.



Watch video from past Acadia Gamelan Ensemble concerts on YouTube.




Below is a selection of photos featuring the Acadia Gamelan Ensemble and the Acadia Gamelan class, in rehearsal and in performance. (2009 - present)